Presidential elections

How do they affect the markets

April 21, 2016

​With the presidential election coming up, people are naturally curious about what the elections mean for the stock market – and, more importantly, for their investments (and everything those investments represent). Answers to this question run the gamut depending on where you get your news, so I wanted to break down the data and see what actually happens during and after an election.

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Age-related hearing loss

Three things to know

April 20, 2016

Age-related hearing loss typically begins in our mid-40s and 50s. We may not admit it, even to ourselves, but perceiving others as mumbling – especially in noisy situations – is a dead giveaway. People who develop hearing problems should get help early Here are three things to know about age-related hearing loss.

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Investing in whisky

A beginner's guide

April 19, 2016

World-renowned collector and connoisseur Mahesh Patel wants you to know that dealing in high end whisky is not just serious business, it’s also seriously fun. It’s a world where aficionados of all levels of income and expertise seek out rare bottles of the world’s finest elixirs to buy, trade and sell, while simultaneously draining a fair share of the best.

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